Insurance for Traveling Across the US/Mexico Border

Ensure clients traveling south of the border don't hit a bump in the road because they are not properly insured.

Laws in Mexico vary greatly from those in the U.S., including what types of auto insurance are accepted. Ensure your clients driving cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, 5th wheels, and trailers aren't stranded in Mexico for an extended vacation because they aren't properly covered. Give traveling clients peace of mind to enjoy the journey. 

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Who needs insurance for travel across the U.S./Mexico border? 

Anyone who crosses the U.S. border and drives their vehicle into Mexico needs Mexican auto insurance. Without it, vacationers have no protection should they have an auto accident, meaning they could face heavy fines, their vehicle may be detained, or event incarceration.  

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What type of insurance do those crossing the U.S./Mexico border need? 

To ensure protection when crossing the U.S./Mexico border, vacationers will need a tourist liability auto insurance policy for travel that goes through a company in Mexico.