How to be an "Insurance Agency of the Future"

Katie Wilmoth | June 28, 2021

future agency

From Dovetail Insurance

The insurance industry has not historically been technologically innovative. While some agencies may be reluctant to fully embrace technology, recent crises have only accelerated the need to not get left behind. Keep the following in mind:


Broadly, innovation is more than merely adopting new technologies. It also involves embracing new mindsets and adapting workflows that create efficiencies while generating improved results.


Each agency should examine options for digital business platforms that are:

•    Flexible. Modern technology platforms are developed to integrate with other systems
•    Scalable. Agency growth hinges on the ability to deliver more products, so having technology that can grow with the business is important
•    Intuitive. In the past, training occupied a
lot of time for agency staff, particularly on software upgrades. The more intuitive the user experience for an agency’s technology platform, the less time will be needed to train staff and while striving to serve customers.


Agencies in the future will need to choose the right tools to deliver the products their insureds need. Digital quote-and-bind platforms are an immense timesaver for agencies, help agents present more choices, and offer a better experience for users as well as customers. 


A more efficient agency is better able to compete for customers. An innovative agency is better positioned to compete for young, digitally-oriented talent. Building a sustainable, rewarding business is key to attracting not only future generations 
of agents but also potential buyers. Whether 
an agency’s perpetuation plan is to remain independent or merge with another firm, using the right technology can be a powerful tool.

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