Insurance for Taxi Services

Taxi Services, whether large fleets or an individual car, need protection from the unique risks drivers and companies face when transporting people.

Taxis are essential in many cities as more and more people rely on public transportation or don't want to battle traffic. Protect taxi clients should an accident occur - no matter who is at fault. Taxi Service coverage keeps drivers, customers, and companies protected from a hit on income should a claim arise. 

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From airports, to hotels, to businesses, many venues offer both free and paid taxi services to their patrons. Nearly all of these services are required by law to carry liability insurance. Any time you're driving a large number of people around, there is a higher potential for lawsuits and accidents. Clients need to be covered for both medical and property liability so they can guard themselves against financial loss.

It's also important to carry physical damage limits. This is their business, and they need their vehicles to operate. In the event of a collision or damages from road hazards, or even theft, physical damage coverage will repair and/or replace their vehicle(s).