Insurance for Oil Haulers

The demand for oil is enormous and shows no signs of slowing down. Without oil haulers transporting this essential resource to myriad locations, our world would look very different. Because of the delicate cargo, rigs required for transport, and sheer number of hours on the road, oil haulers face serious risks of exposure or injury. Don't let clients in the oil hauling business see their profits come to a screeching halt due to an unfortunate event. Ensure they are covered properly to stay in the fast lane.

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Coverage for Oil Haulers

Discuss with Oil Haulers the following: 

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP), or Commercial Package: Covers general liability, including claims of bodily injury from accidents filed by a third party, and covers the company's property such as equipment, office supplies.
  • Commercial Auto: Covers the company's vehicles in the case of an accident or injury. 
  • Worker's Compensation: Protects employees if they become sick or injured in an accident on the job. This will pay for medical costs and lost wages.
  • Inland Marine: Covers any transportation of the company's equipment. 
  • Pollution: Protects company in the event of a pollution event.