Non-Standard Auto Insurance

Non-standard auto insurance is insurance coverage for drivers who fall into the highest risk category for insurance companies. This type of coverage is often classified as the most expensive tier of insurance because the drivers who fall into the category of needing it for a variety of factors such as age, driving history, and more.

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Qualifications for Non-Standard Insurance

Drivers may fall into the high-risk category for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Driving history: If a driver has a history of accidents, traffic violations, or other issues that have resulted in insurance claims, a company will consider the driver to be risky.
  • Driver's age: Some companies consider young drivers to be inexperienced, and therefore high risk, and classify them as non-standard up to age 25.
  • SR-22 Carriers: If a driver holds an SR-22 for a DUI, reckless driving or other infraction, most carriers will consider them to be in the non-standard category.
  • Salvage Vehicle: If a client owns a vehicle with a salvage title, many insurers will deny comprehensive and/or collision coverage, resulting in a liability only policy. 
  • Non-owner car insurance: Drivers who wish to drive, but do not own a vehicle may obtain non-owner car insurance which is considered a non-standard coverage.