Homeowners Insurance

Common Types of Homeowners Policies

Note that some policies vary by state and by companies within your state.


The most popular homeowners insurance, an HO3 policy protects the home, property, family from a wide variety of risks. In addition, this type of policy protects attached structures and includes liability in case a third party is injured on the property. Be sure to go over the policy carefully as these policies are broad-reaching but don't always cover everything. 

Similar to HO3, an HO5 policy will protect homeowners against a variety of risks. The main difference is that HO5 provides more coverage for personal belongings. An HO5 insures belongings against all causes of loss that are not specifically excluded, whereas HO-3 only covers causes named on a specified list.

If your client owns an older home, consider an H08.  The coverage is similar to an HO3, but with special adjustments to better suit older homes. This type of policy is often used for historic homes and registered landmarks. 


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