Insurance for Home Goods Stores

Making a house a home is a specialty of some retail shops. Help clients in the home goods business continue to sell without fear of a loss or claim.

The most common risk clients in retail business face are customer accidents. Also high on the list are employee accidents. The store owner is responsible for anything that happens on the premises; be sure to help retail clients understand the need for comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their investment.

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Coverage to Consider

There are a number of insurance coverages owners of retail businesses should consider:

  • General Liability: Home goods stores have customer traffic every day. Owners will need general liability coverage to protect themselves in the event a customer is injured inside their store. This policy would provide coverage for legal fees and damages associated with lawsuits, as well as medical bills for customer injuries.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): A BOP policy includes General Liability as well as Physical Damage insurance for property, and any inventory inside, in the event of a covered loss.
  • Worker's Compensation: A coverage that protects shop owners and employees in the event someone is injured on the job.