In-Home Business Insurance

Keep clients safe from financial strain so they may focus on running their in-home business with proper coverage.

A huge percentage of businesses operate from the home, which is wonderfully convenient but also can be risky. Depending on the type of business, clients may accuse business owners of negligence or make personal injury claims. Supplies or merchandise can become damaged, lost or stolen. Discuss with clients who run businesses out of the homes the proper coverage to ensure worry-free operations. 

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Protecting In-Home Businesses

There are thousands of different industry types that lend themselves to in-home businesses; however, the one thing all in-home businesses have in common is the need for a Business Owners Policy or BOP. This is a comprehensive plan that includes protection from a third party liability claim, property damage, and loss of income as a result of a claim or natural disaster.

E & O
Some in-home businesses may need an Errors & Omissions policy as well. This coverage hedges the potential financial loss resulting from claims of negligence, poor performance, errors in judgment and any omissions. A solid Errors and Omissions policy can prevent such mistakes from bankrupting your client’s otherwise healthy organization.