Historic Military Vehicle Insurance

Similar to any other classic car, historic military vehicles are a collector's item with their very own clubs and car shows. Many clients who obtain these vehicles will have questions about how to insure them, or if they need to insure them at all. Historic military vehicles need insurance just like any other specialty vehicle - both to protect them against physical damages, theft, and liability claim in the event of an accident. Many of the same companies who insure classic and restored cars, also insure these little pieces of history.

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What Coverage do They Need?

Because of how rarely they're used, and how strong and well-made they are, historic military vehicle premiums tend to be inexpensive. There are numerous ways clients can get discounts, like being members of military vehicle clubs. Typically these vehicles are insured for Agreed Value, which means the client and the insurance company will come to an agreement about the worth of the vehicle (the amount the insurance company will pay) in the event of a total loss. Coverage typically included in covering historic vehicles consists of:

Collision: For damages to the vehicle itself, caused by other cars, or debris.

Theft: In the event the vehicle is stolen or vandalized, this will protect the vehicle as an asset. It may also cover contents of the vehicle.

Liability: For damages caused to third parties, by the historic vehicle.


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Criteria for Historic Military Vehicles

In most cases, to be classified as a historic military vehicle and meet eligibility for insurance coverage, the vehicle must:

  • Be 20 years or older
  • Be driven rarely, or very little
  • Be de-militarized
  • Driver must be a member of a historic military vehicle club recognized by the insurer