High-Value Homeowners Insurance

High value home insurance provides coverage to homes and estates that are of higher value than the average home - typically those above the $750 thousand threshold. These homes may have exceptional or unique design elements, be heritage homes, etc. It is a wise choice as the most comprehensive coverage for who value clients with a lot of important assets to protect.

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high value homeowners

What Does It Cover? 

High value homeowners can cover houses, condos and renters. These policies typically cover the reconstruction cost of the entire property, rather than just the real estate value of the home.You should consider high value homeowners for your client if:

  • The value of the home is above $750,000 to $1,000,000
  • The home's construction involves architecturally unusual design elements, higher end materials, has special roof made of unusual materials, or was a proprietary design by an architect.
  • The home contains high dollar items such as valuable collections, fine art, estate jewelry, wine, expensive furnishings, etc.
  • The home qualifies as green, or a significant investment as been made in creating the house to be environmentally friendly.