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Hagerty is the world's leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, offering insurance for classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and tractors. Placing them with Hagerty® will offer your client excellent coverage and open the doors to great cross-selling opportunities for other products.

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Benefits for You

There are a number of benefits to being partnered with Hagerty

  • Save time and frustration: Hagerty's online quote and policy management site allows agents to easily print ID cards, make quick policy changes and much more.
  • It’s easy to stay current: Receive policy downloads and email notifications when policy transactions happen.
  • Grow your business: Try Hagerty's marketing tools and resources to attract more clients with classics.
  • Make the most of your time: Hagerty offers direct client billing and renewals, plus direct deposit of your commissions.
  • Feel comfortable talking values – and more: What’s your client’s vehicle worth? Find out in a snap with Hagerty Valuation Tools. Plus, their detailed vehicle reports have all the insights to share with your clients.
  • You’re always in control: There's no minimum production quotas or contracts – and that means no pressure.
  • Switch without regret: They make it easy to get your client on the road or water, with streamlined procedures for moving business over to Hagerty.
  • Feel supported from the start: Acccess to monthly web conferences will help get you up and running quickly with Hagerty.