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Hagerty protects over 2 million collector vehicles worldwide, offering coverage for collector vehicles, offering protection for classic and modern cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. Placing this niche business with Hagerty will give your clients an excellent tailored coverage for the vehicles they love and a sense of belonging as an enthusiast in the automotive world. Hagerty provides an extensive cross-selling opportunity with their non-insurance offerings that keep high retention rates. Learn more about the types of vehicles they protect to start quoting.

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Benefits for You

There are many benefits to partnering with Hagerty

    • Save time and frustration: The Hagerty online quote and policy management site allows agents to easily print ID cards, make policy changes, view statements and more.

    • It’s easy to stay current: Receive policy downloads and email notifications when policy transactions happen.

    • Grow your business: Try Hagerty marketing tools and resources and attract more clients through approved social media content.

    • Make the most of your time: Hagerty offers direct client billing and renewals, plus direct deposit of your commissions.

    • Feel comfortable talking values: What’s your client’s vehicle worth? Find out in a snap with Hagerty Valuation Tools. Plus, their detailed vehicle reports have all the insights to share with your clients.

    • You’re always in control: There's no minimum production quotas or contracts – and that means no pressure. • Guaranteed Value®: Hagerty uses their valuation expertise to agree with you and your client on a fair value for your car up front, and if there’s a covered total loss they pay that amount. Guaranteed*

    • Guaranteed Value®: Hagerty uses their valuation expertise to agree with you and your client on a fair value for your car up front, and if there's a covered loss, they pay that amount. Guaranteed* 

    • Freedom to drive – Cars are meant to be driven. Your client gets plenty of opportunity to drive their vehicle as long as it’s not used daily for work, school, etc.

    • Drive client satisfaction: Hagerty Drivers Club® offers automotive content and experiences that help increase client retention.

    • Feel supported from the start: Access to live webinars and on-demand training that will help get you up and running quickly with Hagerty.

    Stay connected: Hagerty is always open to your thoughts and feedback, and they’ll keep you in the know with their Agent LinkedIn group.

    *Less any deductible and/or salvage value, if retained by you. Guaranteed Value includes all taxes and fees unless prohibited by state law. Hagerty, Hagerty Drivers Club & Guaranteed Value are registered trademarks of the Hagerty Group LLC. The Hagerty Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagerty, Inc.