Flood Insurance

Ensure clients are safe against the financial harm of flooding with proper coverage.

When disaster strikes, alleviate some of your client's concern with coverage designed for them. Unfortunately, flooding is becoming more and more common across the country, and rebuilding takes time and money. With Flooding Insurance, rebuilding is not as daunting a task for clients recovering from a flood. 

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NFIP vs. Private Flood Insurance

The future of national flood insurance is iffy. Lapses in coverage are common due to government shutdowns and debates about policy. Don't wait for the slow wheels of government to turn by ensuring you are covered with private flood insurance. 

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Who qualifies for flood insurance through the NFIP?

Only certain communities in the country qualify for government flood insurance, and typical homeowners insurance does not cover floods. Prepare for the worst with private flood insurance so you will not miss a beat in recovering from this devastating natural disaster. 

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When to consider private flood insurance

Even if your home or business is not in an official flood zone, weather is unpredictable and flooding can occur anywhere. Primary and excess flood coverage is essential to avoid loss of income due to substantial damage caused by a flood. Get back to normal as quickly as possible from this devastating natural disaster with proper coverage.