Equipment Rental Insurance

Clients who loan out construction equipment need protection from a variety of risks associated with this endeavor.  

Construction equipment is expensive and difficult to operate. Clients who loan out these machines to third party renters need to ensure they are covered in the event of an accident resulting in body injury or damage to the equipment itself. Ensure clients are covered with Equipment Rental Insurance to protect from loss of income due a claim or legal fess. 

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Coverage to Consider

Clients in the business of renting heavy equipment should consider the following types of coverage from a specialty carrier to ensure no loss of income or interruption to business:

  • Inland Marine: Protects equipment during transport from damage due to a collision or natural disaster, theft or vandalism.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): Protects company from general liability claims from a third party as well as damage to equipment when on premises. 
  • Excess Umbrella: Covers company in the case of catastrophic loss of equipment that goes beyond what is covered in the BOP.
  • Bailee's Coverage: Protects from a liability claim from accident or damage while the equipment is under the temporary possession of the renter.