Equine Insurance

Horse ownership requires a significant amount of time and money, which is why it's important for clients to protect their assets with proper insurance coverage. There are many insurance carriers that offer clients policies to help prevent significant financial loss should their horse(s) become ill, have an accident or become injured. A number of different types of coverage exist depending on the carrier used.  

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Types of Equine Coverage

There are a number of policy types that exist to help protect horse owners against the financial repercussions of losing a beloved animal. Policies offered vary immensely between different carriers, but can include:

  • Mortality Insurance: This is the most common type of coverage. It covers owners' loss if the horse dies or has to be euthanized for some reason. These policies should be read carefully as some do not cover death from intestinal issues which are common in horses.
  • Major Medical: This is usually written in conjunction with Mortality Insurance and covers medical expenses and veterinary care for various illnesses and injuries including, and surgery if the policy includes it.
  • Loss of Use: Pays out if the horse is incapacitated and not able to be used for its intended purpose.
  • Breeding Infertility: If the horse was intended for use in breeding and loses that ability, this covers the owners' investment and loss of use.

Equine coverage can also be obtained under other policies like Farm & Ranch Coverage.