Insurance for Energy Companies

It is critical for Energy Companies to have proper insurance due to the potential for catastrophic losses in this sector.

Energy Companies engage in a high-value, high-risk marketplace and encompass a broad spectrum of industry niches – from oil and gas operators to alternative and renewable energy companies. Environmental risks, injured employees, or physical plant damage are just a few of the unique risks faced by energy companies as technologies change rapidly and regulations evolve.  Ensure your energy company clients are covered for the variety of possible risks with Energy Insurance. 

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Defining Energy Companies

Energy Companies Include:

  • Coal
  • Electric - power sales and distribution, electricity generation
  • Gas - natural gas extraction, coal gas manufacture, and sales and distribution
  • Petroleum - oil companies, refiners, fuel transport and end-user sales at gas stations
  • Nuclear power
  • Renewable energy
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What types of coverage do Energy Companies need? 

  • General Liability&nbsp: : Covers property damage and bodily injury from third party claimants.
  • Pollution: Protects the company in the case of an accident resulting in pollution to the area/environment.
  • Commercial Auto: Covers clients and their employees in the case of bodily injury when driving for work-related business.
  • Excess/Umbrella: Provides extra coverage for large claims in case general liability is not enough.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Protects employees if they become sick or injured in an accident on the job. This will pay for medical costs and lost wages.