Earthquake Insurance

When an earthquake hits, damage is inevitable. Ensure clients are prepared for the worst with proper insurance coverage.

When an earthquake hits, most people understand that damage to their property is a possibility. However, many business owners don’t consider the full risks of an earthquake hitting one of their properties. Non-building structures can also be severely damaged resulting in costly repairs and business interruption. Earthquake Coverage can protects your clients’ sites after an earthquake hits.

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Earthquake Coverage for Commercial Buildings

Earthquake Coverage can protect your commercial property after an earthquake hits, including landslide coverage and difference in conditions. Because the U.S. experiences about 2,000 earthquakes each year, proper coverage is essential for clients. 

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Earthquake Coverage for Residential Dwellings & Personal Property

Many people assume that their homeowners insurance will cover the cost of damages incurred from an earthquake; however, this isn't always the case. A specially-designed stand-alone earthquake policy ensures that your client is protected from the financial fallout that can be caused from this type of disaster.