Coastal Property Insurance

Coastal homes require more than your average homeowners policy because they face higher risks and perils than homes in areas less prone to damages. Coastal homes are susceptible to hurricanes, high winds, flooding, and more, and often are not a primary residence, making them even more unusual. Standard policies often have stripped down coverages due to the high risk nature of properties in coastal counties. This is why there are companies who specialize in covering these types of homes. 

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What Coverages Do Coastal Homeowners Need?

Coastal homeowners should consider a number of different coverages in addition to their standard homeowners policy, which in coastal area will have certain exclusions. Different states have different types of policies available to help cover these risks, and many are reliant on their exact proximity to the coast. It's important to find a specialty carrier who can help clients find the right combination of products to protect their home.

  • Wind & Hail (Windstorm): This policy covers a number of damages due to wind and storms including damage like shingles being blown off of a roof, downed trees that cause damage to the home, water entering the home as a result of wind or rain, and more.
  • Flood: If a hurricane causes flooding, a standard homeowners policy will not cover the damage. Any water that rises and enters a home due to a storm is considered flooding, and can only be covered by a separate flood policy purchased through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program), and a private flood carrier.