Insurance for Car Washes

Keep car wash clients clean from claims with proper coverage for the unique challenges their businesses face.

Whether self-serve or full service, a variety of unfortunate accidents can occur at car washes. Possible claims could arise from customer injuries, damage to vehicles, theft, and much more. Keep your clients prosperous with proper coverage to avoid loss of income from insurance claims or lawsuits. 

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man looking at dent in car

What types of risks do car washes face?

Car washes are entrusted with others' vehicles, to which many people have an emotional attachment. Unfortunately, many accidents can occur at car washes such as:

  • Equipment failure resulting in fender bender
  • Scratches and dings
  • Broken windows 
  • Employee or customer injury due to wet conditions
closeup of car wash

What types of coverage do car washes need? 

Whether full-service or self-service, car washes need proper coverage to ensure there is no loss of income or business due to an unfortunate claim. Car wash clients should consider: 

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) or Commercial Package: Covers general liability needs in the case a customer files as claim, as well as on-site property such as car wash equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Worker's Compensation: Protects car washes should employees become sick or injured in an accident on the job.
  • Commercial Property: Protects the building should damage occur, if your client owns the property and doesn't rent or lease.
  • Excess/Umbrella: Protects car wash in the case standard package is not enough, for example damage to a luxury vehicle.