Insurance for Car Dealerships with Open Lots

Car Dealers' inventory is a huge investment; ensure clients are covered properly in case of an unfortunate incident.

Open Lot Coverage provides physical damage protection to a dealer’s vehicles and equipment. Coverage can apply to cars being driven to or from auction, parked on the lot as inventory, driven for personal use by an owner or employee, and vehicles being test driven. Keep clients safe from claims stemming from these types of issues with Car Dealer Open Lot Coverage. 

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collision only

Collision Only?

Car dealers beware. Dealer's Open Lot Insurance only provides coverage for physical damage to cars on the lot. If an employee or customer injures someone in or with a car, the Dealership will need a separate liability policy to cover against lawsuits, injuries, legal fees, etc. This type of coverage is called a Comprehensive Garage Liability policy, and will protect against: 

  • Third-party injuries
  • Liability claims arising from discrimination, false information given out by employees
  • A car on the lot strikes a customers car