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Wholesale Specialty Insurance

Burns & Wilcox is the flagship organization of H.W. Kaufman Group. For fifty years and counting, Burns & Wilcox has been North America's leading wholesale insurance broker and underwriting manager.

With more than 60 offices operating across the United States and Canada, Burns & Wilcox offers wide ranging comprehensive solutions to serve retail insurance brokers and agents of all sizes, from the large houses to the more than 30,000 independent brokers and agents worldwide.

Annually, Burns & Wilcox captures more than $2 billion in premium by placing the world's most sophisticated and complex risks. Clients and partners continue to trust the company's commitment to the wholesale business. They seek the global expertise of Burns & Wilcox and rely on the team's counsel and unmatched vertical depth. In turn, Burns & Wilcox is tenacious about delivering exemplary results.


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