Brewery Insurance

Proper insurance coverage ensures breweries can keep pouring beer and not money into a costly claim.

Breweries are a hot new trend in cities across the country. These small businesses allow brewmasters to share their talents with beer enthusiasts. While seemingly a simple enough industry, risks are ever present. Any time alcohol is served at an establishment, there is a possibility for a rowdy customer. In addition, injuries can occur on or around the brewing equipment. Ensure your clients in this rapidly growing market can continue their craft without fear of loss of income with Brewery Insurance.

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Brewery Coverage

Brewery owners cannot risk loss of income due to a claim or lawsuit. Help protect them by encouraging one or all of the following policies in addition to their basic plan:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) or Commercial Package: Covers general liability needs as well as on-site property such as furniture, food and beverage inventory, equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Worker's Compensation: Protects brewery¬†should employees become sick or injured in an accident on the job.
  • Liquor Liability: Protects from incidents involving alcohol.
  • Commercial Property: Protects the building should damage occur, if your client owns the property and doesn't rent or lease.