Boats & Marine Recreation Insurance

Boats & Marine Recreation Insurance keeps clients afloat in the case of an accident or incident on the water.

Whether your client owns a personal watercraft or runs a marina, proper insurance coverage is essential to prevent financial loss in the case of a lawsuit or claim. Unfortunately, many accidents occur on the water every year and a large percentage involve injuries. Marina owners also should ensure they are covered for incidents on their docks or such as theft, vandalism, or gas spill. Discuss with clients current coverage and what additional policies they need in place to keep enjoying the water.

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Personal Boat Insurance

Personal boat insurance: for most people, owning a boat can be a dream come true. Insurance helps your client enjoy peace of mind as they navigate the waters. A specialized Boat Insurance policy covers your boat or personal watercraft, as well as its motor against potential loss due to:

  • Vandalism
  • Collision with another boat or object
  • Theft
  • Damage caused by uninsured or underinsured boaters

Boat insurance may cover:

  • Personal Water Craft (PWC) Insurance Coverage
    •  Damage to another craft or dock, physical damage to your PWC, and towing assistance

Discuss with clients an extended policy to protect extra equipment attached to the boat such as anchors, oars, canopies, life preservers, and fuel tanks.

Liability insurance can help pay for medical expenses or legal costs if your client is at fault in a boating accident. Coverage options include: bodily injury payments, damage to another’s property, medical payments, and guest passenger liability.

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Marina Coverage

Marina business owners and operators have specific needs and unique insurance requirements. Consider the following coverage options for clients:

  • Liability 
  • Property & Indemnity
  • Pollution liability
  •  Professional angler liability
  • Tournament fee reimbursement
  • Tackle and personal property liability
  •  Named storm deductible