Insurance for Bed & Breakfasts

Clients who open their homes and hearts to guests require specialty insurance coverage to ensure they are protected against a costly claim. 

Bed and breakfasts are a wonderful way to supplement income using one's personal property; however, unique risks exists for clients who take on this business. They need protection for the structure itself, for the property within their B&B, as well as from claims against guests or employees. Give B&B clients peace of mind to continue running their businesses without loss of income with proper insurance. 

Get Coverage with 2 Top-Rated Markets

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What type of insurance do B&B's need? 

Bed and breakfast owners need insurance coverage well beyond typical homeowners, even if the business is run from a primary home. Urge clients in this occupation to consider a package with one or all of the following:

  • Property: Covers the home from damage occurring from natural causes such as hail, or guests who cause damage. 
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP), or Commercial Package: Covers general liability, including claims of bodily injury from accidents filed by a third party, and covers property such as furniture, kitchen supplies, artwork, etc.  
  • Worker's Compensation: Protects B&B owners should their employees become sick or injured in an accident on the job.
  • Liquor Liability: Protects from incidents involving alcohol, if the B&B serves or sells alcohol.
  • Commercial Auto: Covers damage and liability on the B&B company's work related vehicles.