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AEGIS General Insurance Agency is rated "A- (Excellent)" by A.M. Best and licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Their specialized approach to product design, marketing, underwriting, and distribution is paramount to their success with their agency and distribution partners. All of their products share a singular focus on making peace of mind easy to achieve for producers and policyholders alike.

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Coverage for Mobile Homes, Low Value Dwellings and Coastal Capacity

For nearly 40 years, Aegis has been specializing in insurance solutions for manufactured homes and specialized underserved markets. They began writing manufactured homes, adding programs for low-value dwellings, and homeowners along the way. Aegis is continually adding to their portfolio's product and geographic diversity, offering surety bonds, accident and health, municipality and other "niche" lines of insurance. 

"The Aegis General Portal is by far one of my favorite quoting systems to use. The agents home tab offers multiple organizational tools and search options, such as new quotes and policies, pending cancellations and upcoming renewals. The quoting system layout allows me to efficiently and easily put together a new quote or update an existing one. Once a policy has been bound, policy documents are easily accesible and downloadable, and policy changes are also a breeze with the upload documents feature." --Ashley M. , Aegis Agent