Accident & Personal Injury Insurance

Protect clients from loss of income due to an unfortunate event with Accident & Personal Injury Insurance.

It's a fact - accidents happen. Unfortunately, some accidents result in debilitating injuries which can lead to a financial strain on a family. Medical bills and lost wages can leave clients and their families struggling to make ends meet.  Protect your clients with an Accident & Personal Injury policy that limits their exposure and ensures that they can focus on healing instead of worrying about the challenges that arise from issues due to accidents or injuries.

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What is covered?

In the event of an unfortunate accident, ensure clients don't lose income from missed work and costly medical bills with Accident & Personal Injury Insurance. This type of coverage helps pay for:

  • Emergency care and treatment
  • Hospital stays
  • Follow-up medical visits
  • Loss of income
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as travel and lodging